Friday, November 11, 2011

Use me Lord!

Tonight I have just felt so called. Through my boredom I found that calling. I was sitting in my room listening to Lecrae! I just soon realized that there are so many people right here in our nation, our cities, our small communities that don't know Christ! Just look around your town... On Sunday's there are people out partying and getting ready for football rather than worshipping Christ. I believe it is crazy... The youth in these places are probably the worst. Satan draws each person into believing that the world is crazy fun, and making Christianity seem as if you can't have any fun whatsoever! That is so far off from the truth! The world and it's ways are evil. They will lead you down a road with a dead end! Eventually you will die. You will no longer have life. Wouldn't you rather have eternal life with Christ rather than death? I can say, I would! I know I am going to!

Think. Is God calling you to reach out to your nation? Pray long and hard about it. He will reveal it to you in full if you do. God will call you to a certain place and he wants you to obey and stay there.
I am fully in for missions. I would even risk my life, but my parents won't allow me to! I would be so willing to go to a country completely against christianity! Imagine, saying I got killed speaking the word of Christ would be so amazing! My friends would be able to tell that story forever.

That is all I have for now. If you have questions feel free to email me at!

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