Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Have you ever thought about a butterfly and how it is so much like a human that becomes saved? Well, I have! Think, once that beautiful butterfly your looking at was once an ugly caterpillar. Then one day it went into it's cocoon... When it came out, it was a beautiful butterfly with wings and could be free! It was able to soar through the air and be who God make it to be.

 This totally resembles salvation. At one point in your life you were a caterpillar. Held hostage to the ground. You couldn't go too far without failing to do what you wanted! Then you went into your cocoon. It took time but you finally realized what you needed in your life. After that you became free!!!!! You had wings to fly with! You were able to go places you never had before. Christ will change you. Once you receive him you are made free by his wonderful name. The name of Jesus over powers everything, even death!

Each person has a different will that God has set out for them. Some people are called to missions (like me), some people are called to be prayer warriors, some are called to a whole other kind of ministry. It really just depends on who God wants you to be. This relates to a butterfly I promise! Each butterfly is unique! No one butterfly is the same as another. Just like you. You and your best friend may be a whole lot alike but you aren't exact copies of each other! God has a different will and plan for each of you. Never lose your faith in God. His plan is only open to you if you are open to receive it. Your life would not be near as great without him inside of you.

Love your life, live it to fullest, praise God while living it.
Be who you are, don't try to change it, make it work, rearrange it. <3

"Work hard and stay true to God no matter what comes your way and your life will be blessed! :)" -Della Stallard (Coach Stallard)

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  1. Nice. Check out on Youtube, Francis Chan = Shut up.. He talks about it and as I was reading it, I couldn't help but think of this video.. Keep Writing.. Two Thumbs up