Monday, November 7, 2011


What is a missionary in eyes of your friends?
    A person who goes over seas to tell people about God.
What is a missionary in your eyes?
   A missionary is a person who works for God and does his will out fully. They go where he wants or they stay where he wants.
Some people have the wrong idea of a missionary. Missionaries do much more than just go and speak the word of God. They build houses, they feed animals, they clean houses, and so much more! One thing is that people think for the most part, that missionaries go to other countries to speak the word of God. That definitely is wrong. You can be a missionary right there in your home town! God doesn't call everyone out of their home country to speak his word. Your country/town needs the love of Jesus just as much. There are immigrants here who may have never ever heard of the love you have. They are here for work and that is all. You could be a light to them and show them God's great wonderful love.

God loves each person no matter what. He can't love you more or less. You have a great worth and each person can be a missionary. I know that one day he will send me out into the world. I have no doubt it is my calling. I just need to be patient and let him have his way in my life. Through lots of prayer I will fulfill his will for me. Prayer can get you through anything! The strongest never the weakest.

Today in class we got to talking about missionaries some how and in Canada we, the US send people up there to speak to the immigrants and they become missionaries to their home countries. I think that is amazing that God just keeps it going on and on. We also spoke of one of my teacher's friends who got put on death row for sharing his faith! It is crazy some of the things Christians will do. God has his hand upon you and you shall not be afraid. Missionaries are pretty much taking a risk when they go to other countries with different religions. You could get killed but it is all in God's plan for you. Of course he doesn't want you to get killed and he won't allow it but you have to be willing to take that risk.

How far would you go for God?

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