Friday, November 4, 2011


So lately I have been just really upset about not being able to venture off to Ethiopia for a mission trip. I just started crying the other day! At Youth on Wednesday I talked to my friend Jaci for a moment and as we both were talking about was going on in our lives, I just started crying again! It's like now that I see how God could change my life even more, it makes me want to go even more. I want to be in a foreign country for a month our of my summer. I wouldn't even care if that meant not being able to sleep in! I just want to share my love for Christ with others so that they may experience the same thing! 

I know that there is persecution of the Christians going on in Egypt which isn't too far from Ethiopia, I don't care! If I got killed my friends would all be able to say, "She died serving the Lord." how awesome would that be? It's a lot better story than saying "She just got old and weak." when I am like 100! Just compare it. Imagine at my funeral the things people would say! It wouldn't be the old things about living my life out long and hard, it would be about me living my life out with what God called me to! 

I know a group who is planning on going to New Zealand this summer for a mission trip. I think that would be awesome, but it just isn't where some people are called. I am called to Africa others maybe called to Poland, China, Japan, India, South Africa, Canada, Alaska(In need of great love), Russia, anywhere on this planet!! Each persons heart is called somewhere else. Who knows, you may not even be called to be a missionary! You could be called to serve in some other way. Maybe by just making people smile! Yes, God can call you to comedy! If he wants you to make those around you smile and laugh he will put that funny-ness inside of you! 

Listen to God's voice because it is telling you something.

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