Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thinking About You!

  Each day my mind is filled with the thoughts of those who are in different parts of the world winning souls to Christ. My heart nearly melts because I feel that power of God come inside of me. My life has a crazy twist to it and I'm not 100% why. I have always dreamed of being a missionary. I'm being serious! Ever since I met a guy named Job I knew that is what I wanted to do. The experience of it all is so overwelming. You eyes see things that are unbelievable and your heart is changed forever. I know that each day is a new journey and that I can be a missionary in my own school, but I just choose to hold the journey back. My life is filled with homework, a special routine and I don't seem to make enough time to do his will. I anger my self at points because I put it all off.
   God's will for me is extravagent and I cannot wait to see it all play out well in the future! Right now I need to focus on my school and community. That seems to be the biggest thing on my heart right now.
I will pray for all the missionaries out there until I can pray no more. Safety for you and that what your eyes see will forever change you. I also will thank God for you everytime I speak your name! You are doing such great things! Be the person God wants you to be until your called home!

For God is the maker of your body, heart, soul and mind. Follow his will for your life and you will be extremely blessed.

(short, I know. I am in class and just needed to post my heart)

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